Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who Will Host My Website?

    We will host your website on our server, which makes it accessible to people when they type in your website address. Without hosting, people will not be able to get onto your website.

    We don’t offer ongoing support for websites not hosted by us.

  • What Is Support Is Included?

    Websites require regular ongoing work to keep them online and functioning properly. As part of our support package, we update all software used on the site and check for any conflicts or errors, perform regular scans for malware or other viruses, take backups so we always have a copy of your website available in emergency situations, make changes to text and images on your site or add new pages.

  • Do I Need A Domain Name?

    The domain name is what people type into their computer or phone to access your website. You will need one for visitors to find you online. We can buy and renew this for you, or we can use on ehtat you already own: you just need to give us access to it.

  • Do I Need A Logo?

    A logo is important for branding, and it allows us to match the website to your brand’s colours and fonts. If you don’t currently have a logo, we can have one designed for you.

  • Do I Need Photos?

    We believe that using your own high-quality photos, taken with a good digital camera, is the best way to stand out and show off your services.l However, we do have access to large stock photo libraries that we can license to use on your website.

  • Who Will Write The Content On My Website?

    We will discuss your business and your services with you, and then use this to write your content.

  • Do I Own The Text And Image Content?

    Once you move onto the maintenance plan, the text belongs to you as does any logo, graphic or image that you provided to us. Backend aspects of the website may require third-party licensing, which is included in the maintenance cost.

  • Is SEO Included?

    All websites include a base SEO setup to give you a headstart in improving your search positions. We don’t charge extra for this. Regular ongoing SEO work is not included in any of the base packages, but we will consider this on a case-by-case basis if requested. 

  • How Are Payments Made?

    We accept payments by any major debit or credit card. You will be automatically charged each month.

  • Can You Market My Coach Tours Website?

    We believe that pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, using Google and Facebook, is the most effective way to increase your exposure and get more people onto your site. We’d be happy to discuss our packages with you once when we get your website launched.